2017 Logo

We are excited to present the logo for EWOCC 2017, designed by Francis Mead!




Artist Statement from Francis Mead, Illustrated Truths

I remember attending the Empowering Women of Color Conference for the first time eleven years ago when I was new to the Bay Area from Sacramento, and searching for radical womxn of color, and queer community. The EWOCC was such a dope space to be in, because it is a very necessary thing for womxn of color to gather, see each other, and share our stories.  Especially within this society, which does not value womxn of color. A society which does not honor our magic and power, but we do. And our resiliency to care, nurture and protect each other and our people’s is a beautiful thing, and this is the intention behind the logo I created for this years 32nd annual Empowering Womxn of Color conference. I wanted to create three strong womxn of color side by side surrounded by the earth, because we are connected to all life, and we heal ourselves and each other through it. It is important to me as a queer Black womxn artist to create images that negate the negativity of this world, and the realities that we experience living within it. It is important to me to create art that uplifts and empowers womxn of color through positive, high vibrating images and truth. Art that is a weapon to the system, and art that can connect us as a people. Because In the words of Ntozake Shange, “we need ourselves to take of ourselves. it’s as simple as that.”
Be Sure to Visit Francis’ Booth at the Vendor fair and find more goodies online: https://www.etsy.com/shop/illustratedtruths