Session 1

A collaborative session for improving STEM efforts to reach women of color

Anahuacan Healing Techniques for WoC

Arboles de Vida: Nuestra Relacion con Nosotras

Art: A Mechanism of Transformation

Asserting Our Identities: Addressing Unconscious Bias as Womxn of Color

Authentic + Radical Presence: A Practice for Living Fully Present + Fully Self-Expressed

Capoeira Angola–Ownership, Assertion, and Uplift of the Whole Self

Challenging Transphobia in the Movement

Cultivating Resilience: From Self-Care to Soul-Care

Decolonize by Faith, Prayer and Action

Decolonize Your Health: Women of Color and the Medical System

Decolonize Your Intuition: Why listening To Your Gut Is Revolutionary

Designing Your Voice: Strategies for designing your career/organization for inclusion and empowerment

Guided Imagery to Heal Psyche and Soul

Healing and Building: Undocumented WoC

Immigration, Imperialism, & Insurgency! The Cycle of Political Trauma & Organizing for Liberation

Justice for the invisible: Police violence and Native American/Indigenous women

Let’s take it back to our names: Old patterns of cultural imperialism and colonialism

Navigating Your Way Out Of A Toxic Work Environment

One Love: Body Politics and Interracial Dating in our Schools

No “Business As Usual”: Organizing Direct Action and Building the New Civil Rights Movement to Obstruct Trump’s Attacks on Women and Immigrant Communities

Race, Gender, and Socialism

Radical Grief: Emotional Wellness for the Revolution

Reality based Self Defense

Sound Mind, Body, and Spirit for a Socially Just Age

Sustained: Wellness and Self-care for Women Leaders

The Motherline: Healing Female Lineage Trauma through Ritual and the Creative Arts

The Vengeful Pen: Writing as Alchemy

Women of Color Against Facism!: Building Collective Power through Organizing, Mobilizing, and International Solidarity

22 Uterine Fibroids Later